In Memory of Dad

Today marks the 13th anniversary of dad’s disappearance. However, in this post, I wanted to celebrate my father’s life and honor his legacy by telling the world a little bit about who he was.

His name was Suhail Jany Alnashi, and he was born on November 12, 1944, in the Province of Maysan in southern Iraq. In the late 40s, dad and his family relocated to Baghdad, where they lived in the western shore of the Tigris river, also known as Al-Karkh.

Dad grew up in a big household. He was one of eight children, and he was the second youngest in the family. Dad was in the first cohort of students to attend the University of Technology in Baghdad, where he studied electrical engineering. Right after graduation, he got his first job as an electrical engineer at General Company for Mechanical Industries in 1973, in Al-Eskandaria city.

My dad stayed at that company for the rest of his life. To put it simply, dad loved his job. He was promoted several times, and for a while he was the Director of the Electrical Division at his company. In early 2000s he was awarded the title of an “Expert in Electrical Engineering” which to be honest I’m a little bit jealous of.

Suhail Jany, Baghdad, Iraq

My dad was recognized nationally and abroad for leading several projects to design several agricultural tools and machinery. He led many delegations to train engineers in England, Switzerland, Germany, and India. So yeah, he was a pretty big deal.

Work aside, dad was a very sociable Habibi. I always remember him being surrounded by friends and relatives. His smile was infectious, had the best dad jokes, and absolutely loved helping others. He was motivated by the act to helping people live a better life. This reminds me of a quote by Will Smith in which he says “If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” Dad fully believed in that and made it his mission in life to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

Dad and Mom, in Baghdad, Iraq.

His number one priority, however, was us: his family. The love that he showed us was unparalleled. Well, maybe he loved my sister a little more and maybe my brothers and I were a little salty about it. Above everything, he loved my mother. Their relationship was something I will forever look up to. The level of support for one another, and passion to nurture their household, is something I truly have never seen in my life.

Dad was a pretty handsome fellow, elegant, smart, always well-dressed, calm, funny, kind, loyal, and trust-worthy. He loved listening to classical music and Um-Kulthum, a legendary Egyptian singer. He was also a great cook, and loved to eat. I guess I got that from him.

So to sum it up, my dad dedicated his life to his family, his community, and his country. Your memory is a blessing to so many around the world. We love you, dad and we miss you.

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  1. Thank you Taif for telling some of your Dad’s story. I feel I know you a bit better because of it. I noted with some interest that I am only about 10 months younger than he!!

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